Based on our vision for holophysical workspaces: physical spaces designed for natural interaction with physically realistic holograms, the work in this project proceeded along two lines: 1) developing a technical common ground in software and code, and 2) developing concepts and laying a foundation for future work and applications. Along line 1, two technology demonstrators have been developed to investigate and clarify potential collaborations. One demonstrator was developed at computer graphics and has been used in communication within this project to showcase the potential of free-viewpoint video within Virtual Reality (VR). Another demonstrator was developed at interaction design, with support from computer graphics and building on software developed by computer graphics.

Continued in the BeachHead project, creating a user controlled mixed reality to bridge the real and the virtual. The focus in BeachHead is on retaining as much of the strengths of VR as possible, while addressing weaknesses such as isolation and lacking awareness of the physical surroindings.